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Four Ways to Improve Tourism in Ghana

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by food blogger, Lydia Chinery-Hesse, of Lydia Loves Good Food to introduce the Accra FoodHack (AFH) theme, centered on local tourism. The hack will  address the ways technology can enable the food tourism industry in particular, thrive. AFH is brought to you by esSense 13 and powered by City Investments Company Ltd.

From traveling up north to Mole National Park, to Kakum and the Castles in Cape Coast, to experiencing the various festivals throughout the year, there is no shortage to the adventures you can enjoy or places you can go to for a relaxing weekend.

How often do you travel outside of Accra? I’m not referring to going to your hometown for a family visit or obligations, but traveling outside of the city for purely leisure purposes? Considering Ghana’s relatively small size, and the abundant beauty there is to be seen throughout the country, it’s quite sad that intra-Ghana travel is quite uncommon.



What’s the reason for this? In the years I’ve been in Ghana (6, going on 7), I have traveled to nearly every region, and I have visited quite a number of tourist locations. Getting around was not the easiest, whether by plane, tour bus, driving to by tro tro.

Imagine this: There are a limited number of airports in Ghana, so if you travel by plane, you’ll certainly have to travel by road again to visit any location outside of the major cities, and you’ll be in for quite a roller-coaster of a ride. Once finally reaching your destination, you’ll forget all about the ride because the views and sites to be seen will be absolutely astonishing! By then you’ll be wondering why you didn’t know such magnificence existed in Ghana, and you’ll be eager to plan several more trips throughout the country in the following months. On your way back home, you’ll be so tired from the ride, the total anti-climax to such a wonderful trip.

Considering how beautiful Ghana is, there are a few things that can be done to improve tourism in Ghana and make it more convenient and attractive. Below are four ways to improve tourism in Ghana: 

  1. Maintaining the Site:
    • It’s common to see sites that have run down over the years due to lack of maintenance. Let’s keep the natural exquisiteness that is a part of Ghana’s soul.
  2. Providing all in one Packages:
    • Working together with other local businesses to provide a nature experience, food and bed and breakfast.
  3. Incorporate Culture:
    • Culture is the core of Ghana’s past, present and future, and its increased incorporation into every aspect of tourism.
  4. Create an online and social media presence:
    Boti Falls

    Boti Falls

    • The importance of a regularly updated website and social media presence cannot be understated! That is normally the first point of contact for most potential customers.

There’s so much to learn about Ghanaian culture and there’s an abundance of splendor spread across the country that needs to be seen, so let’s all make a point to visit somewhere new at least twice a year!

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