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#JollofDebate: Ghana Versus Nigeria


On 16th October 2015, UN World Food Day, @essense_13 will host a Twitter debate between Nigerian and Ghanaian food bloggers and enthusiasts on the merits of jollof from their respective countries.

Debate Format

A sign-up form is currently live for interested participants to sign up as debaters. On Wednesday 14th October, all the individuals who sign up will be introduced to one another in the Nigerian and Ghanaian groups so they can internally select their final debaters.

All the judges and debaters will be unveiled on the evening of Thursday 15th October.

MainĀ DebateĀ 

  1. The first debater will be required to convince the judges that the jollof from his/her nationality is better (10 minutes)
  2. The second debater will be required to convince the judges that the jollof from the opposing country is worse (10 minutes)
  3. The third debater must have information about how the the original jollof from SeneGambia is prepared. For this section, both debaters will tweet at the same time and will have a maximum of 10 minutes to prepare a SeneGambian jollof on twitter. (10 minutes)
  4. The last debater’s task will be to summarize the main points raised by his/her team. (5 minutes)


An odd number of votes have been assigned to African twitter personalities who will follow closely and vote either Nigeria or Ghana depending on how either team convinced them. The submissions from the third debater will be evaluated by an African chef who will cast his/her vote for Ghana or Nigeria depending on who prepared the original jollof better.


Judges will publicly declare their votes and the votes will be counted. The team with the higher number of votes wins the debate.

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