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The Sai Wine & Champagne Cafe – Glory to God

A colleague recently asked if I know a place to find good wine and champagne. Immediately my memories of the Press Wine Tasting at Sai Wine and Champagne Cafe re-played in my mind, frame by frame.


Last month, I had the pleasure of sampling some good wine at Sai. At that point, I understood why within an hour, a dozen of other press walked in to benefit from the Cafe’s offering. The breadth of choice was staggering. Whether you are a social drinker or a bacchanalian at heart in search of a rarer vintage, Sai, located in Labone courtyard, is the right place to start…and end!

Sai is a carefully curated space catering to individuals who have a taste for fine wine and champagne paired with assorted accompaniments such as cheese, cured meats, foie gras, salads, bruschetta and lump roe. Sai means Glory to God in Hindi. Although opening in only April last year, Sai has built an impressive reputation as the location to get access to the best wine and champagne in the city. Sai provides a venue for those with a preference for fine wine and champagne to gather and sample more variety than is typically available at the average bar or restaurant in our cities.

Sai 2

Sai also hosts Wine classes, Corporate Wine Tasting where guest will be taken through proper wine tasting procedure and etiquette and sampling of some of the wine on offer, industry nights, date night, game night with friends, book club, and bottomless bubbly offers.

Spaces are available for private meeting room for its members, and individuals can also book the place for events.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, if you need a calm place to relax and have a glass of good wine or champagne paired with some cheese, cured meat, bruschetta etc. Sai Wine Champagne is the perfect and only choice worth considering.

If you are interested in knowing more, call Kweku on 0502079291.


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