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When Wine meets chocolate!

Sai Wine and Champagne Cafe Location

On Tuesday 26th of April 2016, Sai, Ghana’s only Wine & Champagne Café, will be launching their new Chocolate Menu.
“We currently pair cheese, meat, hors d’oeuvres plus other hot and cold savory dishes with our wine selection. Yet we want to go the extra mile in serving our customers a 360 degree pairing experience by adding something sweet to our menu”, Nadia Takyiwah Mensah, CEO of Sai Wine & Champagne and Sixth Sense Manifesto.

Sai’s Chocolate Menu is proudly Ghanaian produced by the talented Chef Selassie Atadika of Midunu. Midunu Chocolates are hand made with Ghana cocoa which comes in two types; Milk and Dark Chocolate.
On the launch, guests will be pairing four (4) different types of chocolate with a variety of wine, extending another unique experience to Ghanaian consumers.

Sai Wine & Champagne Café, Accra’s latest secret tucked away in The Court Yard, Labone, is the first and only café which specializes in a large range of wines and champagne from across the world.

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